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***Covid-19 update: We do not anticipate having patients being seen in the office until there is either effective treatment or vaccine for this illness. We are a science driven organization and feel the current tele medicine visits are an acceptable compromise to ensure the safety of our patients and staff. Please try to test your audio-video devices using our help link on the contact us and links pages. Current waivers for visits done by audio only may not continue in the future affecting insurance coverage. Please check with your insurers about this coverage. New patients to the practice will not be accepted unless they have audio and visual capability.***

To enter the clinician's virtual waiting rooms click these links or click on link sent to you by text or email. Please note that this is only for patients who have scheduled appointments. Call the office to schedule an appointment or respond to call from your therapist.

Watch this short video to learn how to check into your clinicians "virtual" waiting room. Please use Chrome browser for the best performance- Firefox has not been working well lately. Note for iphone users:turn phone to "do not disturb" before connecting this will prevent being muted if you get another call. 

Use this link to test out your smartphone or computer's camera and microphone before your session and trouble shoot problems unblocking your camera or mic:

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